la casita, todos santos, dining, baja,Chef-owner Sergio Rivera

A native of mainland Mexico, Sergio was drawn into the culinary world early in his life. In his early 20s he apprenticed with a chef-owner in Mazatlan. But soon after, he began looking to greener pastures. He set his sights on New York where he was given carte blanch with the design, construction and management of a new Mexican restaurant.

After a few years, he began to miss the beach life and relocated to Santa Cruz, California. Sergio continued building his career working under influential and experienced chefs throughout the US.

By the mid 2000s he was ready for a change and embarked on a four-year career as private yacht chef. The insights he gained throughout his travels helped shape his style and preference for foods that are thoughtfully prepared with fresh and local ingredients.

In 2010, after hanging up his sea legs, Sergio opened La Casita Tapas and Wine Bar in Todos Santos where he continues to provide memorable fine dining experiences for the community and it’s many visitors.